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You get affordable, effective pain relief with my massage therapy

Pain is the enemy. Not all massage therapists are trained to use massage therapy to relieve your pain. But I specialize in the treatment of chronic pain as well as keeping athletic people pain and injury free to increase their performance.


And just one low rate for all my massage therapy services…

Even fewer massage therapists can offer you Trigger Point Therapy, Deep Tissue Massage, Swedish Massage and Sports Massage all at one, affordable low rate. You won’t be told you have to pay extra for Trigger Point Therapy or any other massage for that matter.

My low hourly rates…

  • 30-minutes  —- $45.00
  • 1-hour Massage —- $90.00
  • 75-minute Massage —-  $112.50
  • 90-minute Massage —-  $135.00
  • 120- minute Massage—- $174.00
  • Take $10 off your first massage- just mention it when paying after your service.
  • Get discounted rates by purchasing a package!

Massage is a necessity, not an option or indulgence

Everyone needs regular massage to maintain balance in the musculo-skeletal system and it’s great for stress management. I use an integrated approach of various massage techniques to help you reach your goals.

Trigger Point Therapy

Long-lasting, reduces pain and reverses chronic problems by releasing constricted areas in the muscles to alleviate pain. 

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30-Minute Massage

This short massage focuses solely on 1 problem area in order to speed rehabilitation and not break the bank.

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Deep Tissue Massage

Relieves tension in deeper layers of tissue, highly effective method for releasing chronic stress areas.

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Swedish Massage

Kevin is no longer offering relaxation massage so that clients in pain may have faster access to relief.

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Sports Massage

For highly active, athletic people, enhances performance, prevents injury prolongs your sports career.

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Thai Massage

Kevin is not currently offering Thai Massage.

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Relieving your pain may be much simpler than you’ve been led to believe.

Much of the pain we feel is due to extreme tension that forms in our muscles, called “trigger points.” Not all massage therapists know how to remove trigger points, but Trigger Point Therapy is one of my specialties.

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Why Kevin is my massage therapist…


Kevin is my Massage Therapist because he is AWESOME.  What makes him AWESOME is that he asks the right questions to be sure my massage experience is highly effective every time.  He cares enough to give me simple exercises for when I am at the office to help me relax my muscles so they don’t become so tight between visits.   I would recommend him to everybody without reserve. 

—Deborah Fidelman 


Kevin cares.  Kevin listens and then gives me exactly what I need to relieve my neck and jaw pain and feel better. Even more, he has given me an exercise, stretching and strengthening program which makes the amazing results of his massage therapy last longer and longer. If you need massage therapy, go to Kevin!  

—Greg Tenhover 


Sitting in front of a computer day after day really kicked up my back pain. Kevin’s massage techniques have unraveled my pain and, as a result,  I can move freely again. I can’t say enough good things about Kevin. His professionalism, his expertise, and his business practices are superb.”

—Cherie Rosemond,
Physical Therapist

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